Great Britain Gold Sovereign
Great Britain Gold Sovereign
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Great Britain Gold Sovereign

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The British Gold Sovereign is the official gold bullion coin of England. It is legal tender manufactured and guaranteed by the Royal Mint. It contains just under a quarter of an ounce of gold (.2354) and is 91.67% pure (22k). The English Sovereign has a great history as it was first minted in 1816 and distributed all over the world under the British Empire. Today, the Royal Mint still issues the Sovereign as a bullion coin with the same historical design on the reverse.


King Edward VII: 1902-1910

King George V: 1911-1932

Queen Elizabeth II: 1957-Present



Gold Purity:  91.67% (22k)

Gold Weight: .2354 Troy Ounces (7.322 g)

Total Weight: .26 Troy Ounces (7.9881 g)

Diameter: 22.05 mm

Thickness: 1.52 mm

Face Value: One Pound Sterling

Denominations: 1  Sovereign, 1/2 Sovereign


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