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"I am delighted I stumbled onto your store. I hope you continue stocking such a wide variety since you always have something I want at proper prices. Keep it up."
-Jim Rogers, Financial Guru & Wikipedia

Their prices are fair, particularly considering the cost of doing business in NY. No high pressure. They don't sell junk in holders, nice coins. You get what you pay for. Repeat customer. -Mike I. (8/2016, Yelp)
I had the amazing privilege to do business with these gentlemen at Brigandi. The prices are reasonable and a must stop for baseball fans and political junkies alike. As for coin collectors like myself, they gave me reasonable cash for my morgan dollar collection. Top notch customer service.
-Michael M. (7/2016, Yelp)

Although I did not sell the coins I had brought in for appraisal the service they provided was on point. This gentleman Justin was really polite and provided me with knowledge about said coins I had not even known with all the online research. His father came in and took the time to look at my small collection and even gave a better price than I had thought in the first place.

I will DEFINITELY be coming back here in the future if I have any coins merely because they were so nice.  Anyone that comes into a dealership that has been around over 50 years in NYC deserves the respect that is due, anything else is disrespectful to them and to the industry.
-Dubi L. (11/2015, Yelp)

Excellent selection of coins. They give you space to browse and are very helpful when i needed assistance. They even discounted the coin i bought without me asking based on the spot silver price. Very honest. The prices are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them.
-Cedric C. (2014, Yelp)

I had a really good and unique experience at Brigandi this week. I had a bunch of old sliver coins to sell. As is typical at gold, silver and coin dealers, Justin asked what I was hoping to get for the items. To the uninitiated, this might not seem like a fair question, but it is as experience will prove. So I was actually told that my asking price was too low, and they could do better than that.

I found these guys to be fair, not pushy and I got  the best offer price I found that day. I asked a lot of questions how they do their pricing, and got transparent answers. They also enjoy talking about numismatics (and sports memorabilia) and take their time in a low pressure transaction.

It's good to remember that there are two parties involved in a transaction. Of course there are dealers who are pushy and not trustworthy, but again there are customers I've seen who are rude, entitled, and expect that these types of businesses are simply ATMs who just give away money.

Mr Brigandi has been around a long time. I enjoyed talking to John as well. I'd go back.
-Scott J. (7/2014)

Incredible customer service from this business. I had purchased a product from another website and it was not complete. When I called Brigandi, John immediately made the situation right and shipped the rest of the product the same day! AMAZING customer service. I am definitely shopping here again!
-Chris C. (12/2014, Yelp)

The pictures are fantastic as anticipated and whenever we’re looking to add to our man cave (undoubtedly one day) with memorabilia you will no doubt be the person I call.
Thanks again Chris and you guys run a terrific business. It truly is a pleasure to do business with Brigandi. You make it easy.
-Bill C. (4/2015)

You guys are great to deal with. I think this will be the 10th and 11th pictures we bought thru Brigandi.
-B.C. (3/2015)

This is a great place.  The first thing you'll notice is the circular layout of the store. The unique way the store is set up makes it easy to see all the fantastic sports memorabilia and collectible coins and currency for sale.  They have a wide variety of both vintage and modern sports memorabilia at the best prices I've seen.

The staff is also very friendly.  The first time I went into the store, I was immediately greeted by the store's owner, and offered assistance to find what I was looking for. Every time I've gone into the store, the staff is always eager to share its knowledge and insight into the sports memorabilia business, and have lots of interesting facts about the various items they sell.

Whether you're a tourist just visiting NYC or a serious collector of sports memorabilia, this is definitely a place to check out.
-Joe Hiraoka (9/2014)

Thanks so much for your great customer service, and follow through.
The Pele jersey turned out great, and my wife loved it. The case turned out to be perfect as well. Can’t wait to get it on the wall. Thanks again for the support, and your sense of urgency.
-BB (9/2014)

Thank you again for your kindness. I came to your store in June to purchase a six pence coin and told you that I had previously bought one but my mother had accidentally used it. I was therefore back to buy another for my wedding. You sweetly gifted it to me.

It truly made my coin so special and I felt so lucky to walk down the aisle with it. I can’t express how touched I was. I now have a special story to tell when I pass down my coin to my future children.

Thank you for bring me luck and happiness on my special day.
-Sayaka (8/2014)

After doing some online research, and reading some horror-stories about bad coin dealer experiences, I was a bit apprehensive about authenticating and selling some of my coins, given that I'm a relative novice to the field.  After doing some shopping around, I tried out Brigandi Coins. I was greeted by Justin after spending a little time browsing their collection & sports memorabilia, and he worked with me to assess and price my bullion and coins. He was not pushy at all, and very relaxed. He gave me fair answers about what I had, & answered all my beginners' questions without any condescension. His quotes -- and those given to me by Robert -- were in line with the research I had already done, and with what I hoped to get. I sold what made sense to sell that afternoon & left a satisfied customer.
Brigandi Coins made this whole process a breeze, and I felt comfortable enough with them to return not long after my first visit to sell some more pieces. I encourage anyone in the area to give these folks a try if you need to have coins evaluated and sold.
-Chris (8/2014, Yelp)