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Anthony Brigandi, The Patriarch of Brigandi Coins & Collectibles

The Patriarch, Anthony Brigandi

Anthony Brigandi, The Patriarch of Brigandi Coins & Collectibles

Donald Brigandi

Brigandi Coin Company was born in the basement of Anthony Brigandi’s Queens, New York home in 1959, and we’ve been family-owned and operated ever since. Our dynamic team has more than 175 years of combined expertise in rare coins, currency, gold and silver bullion, autographs, Americana, vintage sports, entertainment memorabilia and more.

Donald Brigandi

At age 10, Donald started attending local coin shows in the New York and New Jersey area. With only a few dollars quickly turning into hundreds, Donald immediately realized his budding talent. Just a few years later, in 1959, Donald officially founded the Brigandi Coin Company. What started as a mail order business in his basement soon turned into two prominent stores located in midtown Manhattan by the 1960’s.

By 1964, Donald Brigandi was a nationally recognized expert in U.S Rare Coins. The NY Daily News published an article about his nascent career and business. Donald was even featured on the television game show “To Tell the Truth”. He, along with two imposters tried to stump the celebrity panel as to who the “Youngest Coin Dealer in America” was. Of course it was Don, age 17 at the time. (Wish we had a copy of that video!)

Today, Donald Brigandi is one of the most recognized and respected coin dealers in the world.

Robert Brigandi

Anthony’s second son, Robert was engaged in the family business at age 16, learning the trade and making deals just like his older brother Don. After graduating Jersey City State University with a degree in economics, Robert started working full time at the store with his brother, Donald and father, Anthony. With a background in finance and a lifelong exposure to coins, Robert began trading gold and silver future contracts as well as physical gold and silver coins. This new part of the business blossomed by the 1970’s and the Brigandi Coin Company became famous as bullion traders, making a market daily.

Today, Robert continues trading gold and silver bullion. He has also developed a strong collector and dealer following for rare and high grade U.S. coins.

Meet The Brigandi's

John, Robert & Chris

John Brigandi
John was just 5 years old when the Brigandi Coin Company was established. Growing up in the Brigandi household meant always helping the family business in every way. After class in High School, College and Law School John would ride the bus to the store in New York City. After graduating Fordham Law School in 1980, John pursued a career as a lawyer and later served two terms on the Appellate Division’s Attorney Disciplinary Committee hearing cases against attorney’s charged with violations of the Code of Professional Responsibility. John always kept his involvement in the coin business on the side and, in 1985, he finally returned to the Brigandi Coin Company full time. This time he brought along his lifelong passion of rare memorabilia (specifically vintage sports memorabilia and autographs.) By the 1990s, the Brigandi Coin Company emerged as one of the largest sports memorabilia companies in the country.

Today, John heads the vintage collectibles department and oversees bullion trading and rare coin sales. John is also frequently featured on TV as a collectibles expert. Most notably for ESPN, History Channel, YES Network, PBS, and numerous other national broadcasts.