Building Collections

Brigandi Coins & Collectibles has built some of the largest and most valuable collections in the world. Our expertise of finding rare and unique collectibles at conservative prices is well known by dealers and collectors around the globe. We have also customized “man-caves” for collectors on a budget. Just tell us what you want to collect and we will meet your budget and provide a Value-Collection! Take it from our clients:

“Deep Subject Matter Expertise and Personalized Service. I have been a client of Brigandi's for several years. As a collector of vintage baseball memorabilia I value a focus on quality and expert opinions on purchases. I get both from Brigandi's, specifically from John Brigandi. If you are looking to build a collection from scratch or to fine tune your existing collection, Brigandi is a good place to go.”
-Alan V., Chicago

Value Collecting

The art of collecting is centuries old. We know, for example, that Ancient Romans and Greeks collected coins. The sheer fun and enjoyment has always been in “The Search.” However, we believe the element of “value” should always be included in that equation. Accordingly, we guide our clients on what items they should and should not buy. One mistake can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in value. We take this responsibility seriously and will help guide you through the process of building the very best collection your budget allows.


Buy The Item, Not The Certificate

Reputable third-party authentication companies like NGC, JSA, SGC, PSA and PCGS have positively changed the collectibles industry and weeded out many counterfeits and now there are accepted grading & authentication standards. However, dealers and experienced collectors will tell you to always "buy the item, not the certificate." What this means is you should never buy an item based for its assigned grade and paperwork. Take time to review the item and speak with reputable dealers to get other opinions. Authentication companies are not perfect and they will be the first to admit that. They have authenticated millions of items and, unfortunately, mistakes are made. Even with graded items, some are under-graded and over-graded. In fact, we've seen damaged and ugly collectibles with high grades in auction and they are way overpriced. What can happen is that some collectors do not take proper care of their collectibles and they get damaged (faded, toned, oxidized, foxed, scratched, etc...), but they still have the high grade from when they bought it.  Always remember, "if it sounds too good to be true, it is!" 



Auction Representation

With the shift of auctions from on-site to online, and new auction houses popping up every year, collectors have more opportunities than ever to buy at auction. Additionally, there is an overwhelming amount of online information (and misinformation) which can be really confusing and contradictory.

The best kept secret in the auction industry and the most important part about buying at auction is knowing what NOT to buy! It doesn't matter who the auction company is or how reputable they are, every auction sale has teaser lots, sucker-bets, overbid/overpriced lots, and they never accept returns or give refunds. Unfortunately, most buyers don’t realize they've made a mistake until they consign it back to auction for a loss. It takes just one blunder to ruin all the profits from good purchases.

In addition, deciphering an auction item description is a skill on its own. Important facts are often omitted, left vague or even specifically written in a way to trick the bidder. Therefore, any experienced dealer will tell you to read auction descriptions over and over again before bidding. (And then hire a lawyer!)

This is the advantage of using the expertise of an established, reputable dealer. Buying in auction is something we’ve done almost every day for over 55 years and we are experts in this field.  It is our responsibility to know the business inside and out so we never make mistakes and always make value-conscious purchases. We know where and when specific items are selling, if they're misrepresented, over/under valued, and most importantly what NOT to buy. We pride ourselves on our auction knowledge and we do it better than anyone in the business.

We provide this successful service on behalf of our clients. Give us a call or stop by our store for a free consultation, (212) 869-5350.