Buying and selling coins, memorabilia and autographs can be risky, but at Brigandi Coins & Collectibles, there is never a risk. We are backed by our 62 year reputation of honesty, integrity and trust. In addition, the items we sell are independently certified by leading third-party authentication companies. With Brigandi's, you can buy with confidence and the peace of mind that you are getting authentic collectibles.

Distinguished Supplier

The United States Mint manufactures collectible coins while also maintaining physical custody and protection of the Nation’s gold and silver assets.

As a regular bulk purchaser from The United States Mint we offer many coins and sets directly from the source. Further, The United States Mint does not sell bullion coins directly to the public. We provide sales to collectors and investors of all US Mint bullion products (American Gold Eagle, Gold Buffalo, Silver Eagle, etc... )

Third-Party Authentication

We always use a recognized, independent third-party authentication company. In this business, if an item is not certified by a reputable company then its authenticity is in question and its value severely diminished. Therefore, we have every item authenticated and/or graded by the most credible sources.

Independent third-party authentication companies naturally evolved in the 1980/90’s due to inconsistencies in authentication and fraudulent dealers taking advantage of unsuspected collectors. This was once a hobby riddled with counterfeits and ambiguity, but it can be a safe marketplace if you deal with reputable dealers and the leading authentication companies.

Memberships and Affiliations

We are lifetime members of the American Numismatic Association, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to study and collect money and related items. With nearly 33,000 members, the Association serves the academic community, collectors and the general public with an interest in numismatics. The ANA annually hosts the largest numismatic exhibition; The World’s Fair of Money.

We are members of Florida United Numismatists (FUN), one of the largest regional organizations in the United States serving the coin collecting industry. FUN is a State of Florida chartered, non-profit organization dedicated to the education and enrichment of numismatics in Florida and beyond. They are best known for their annual convention which is held each January in Orlando, Florida.

We are members of the California State Numismatic Association, dedicated to the promotion of numismatic study and to bringing California’s coin collecting community together with informative programs of interest.


We are members of the Certified Coin Exchange. Since 1990, CCE has been a key intermediary in U.S. certified rare coin trading between major coin dealers. The messaging system (CCE/FACTS) is currently the largest dealer-to-dealer numismatic network on the internet.

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