Do you need an expert appraisal for insurance purposes, estate valuation, gift tax, charitable donations, or other reason? We conduct professional appraisals at our store or on-site for a fee. We carefully review each item in the collection, list them out with specific details, and assign a value. You will receive an official signed document from our company which we can also have notarized, if required.

Pricing is based on the quantity and value of the collection, and will depend on how long it takes our experts to go through the collection. Please note, if you decide to sell the collection to us, we waive the appraisal fee.

FREE Appraisals
Ask about our free appraisals which includes a quick verbal opinion from our experts. This service is only available in-store and the item must be present. We do not appraise items over the phone or through email.

Please give us a call for more information: (212) 869-5350.

"Appraisals are always kept confidential."