About Us

Established 1959, Brigandi is the preeminent dealer of rare and high quality collectibles. For three generations, the Brigandi family has operated from their Manhattan, NYC store to curate rarities from across the globe.
Through our humble beginnings to our midtown Manhattan store front (since 1962), Brigandi Coins & Collectibles has always been family owned and operated.

Our reputation for buying and selling only authenticated, high quality collectibles is recognized by dealers and collectors worldwide. Whether new to the hobby, adding to an extensive collection, searching for a unique gift, or looking for an alternative investment opportunity, come visit us for the finest authenticated merchandise on the market today.


Patriarch, Anthony Brigandi


Mission Statement

For over 60 years, Brigandi Coins & Collectibles consistently offers industry-leading quality, knowledge, service, loyalty and value. Our business is built on integrity and trust, and we strive to maintain our standing as the nation’s most knowledgeable and reputable collectibles dealer.



            Our NYC store

Brigandi Quality

Too often, people shop for price and forget to put quality in the equation. Brigandi Coins & Collectibles carries only the highest quality for our collectors, which is a statement very few dealers can make. We are proud of the term, Brigandi Quality, which has become a statement in the hobby, synonymous with the finest available.




We only operate in the USA and only buy coins at our NYC store. Do not respond if someone contacts you via WhatsApp or from a domain other than @brigandicoin.com. There are fraudsters and con-artists posing as employees in foreign countries. Do not send money and gift cards or ship valuables to an address other than our NYC store, 104 East 57th St. New York, NY 10022. This seems pretty obvious, but you can always double check by calling (212)869-5350.