VIP Collector Club

Welcome to Brigandi’s VIP Collector Club - the exclusive platform for acquiring the hobby's finest memorabilia!

Every week, we create a unique collection specifically curated for our VIP clientele. Each item is rare, investment quality and hand-selected by our experts. Our VIP Collectors are offered first access at this exclusive memorabilia, as well as discounted prices, early-access to new inventory, and sneak-peaks to future acquisitions.

The VIP program, has helped clients build some of the most impressive collections in the entire hobby!

As a small family business, we’ve thrived for over 60 years on the strength of relationships we have built with some of the hobby’s most astute collectors. We continue to grow these relationships and establish even more connections within our ever-growing hobby. Our VIP Collector Club is the perfect opportunity to expand your collection amongst the hobby’s elite!

With such a loyal following, most of our inventory is offered and sold to our VIP clientele before being made available to the public.

We simply acquire the best items available in the market…what we like to call Brigandi Quality! Too often collectors shop by price and sacrifice quality, a mistake which is made by inexperienced buyers. We only carry the highest quality for our collectors, which is a statement very few dealers and auction houses can make. We are proud of the term Brigandi Quality, which has become a statement in the hobby, synonymous with with finest available.

To apply and take advantage of these perks, join our VIP Collector Club today, please email