The Definitive Guide to Collecting Single Signed Baseballs

Dear Collector,

Single Signed Baseballs are one of the most popular forms of autograph collecting. It can be exceedingly difficult to locate many of the early HOFers as well as more recent players who don’t sign often or who passed away at a young age ( for example: Clemente, Munson, Puckett, Halladay). Yet, most players who lived during from 1980s through today are generally easy autographs to acquire.

Since the 1980s when the sports memorabilia craze first started players like Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, and Joe DiMaggio started to be paid big bucks for their autographs. Since then, the modern autograph industry has become highly commercialized and finding a signed baseball by your current favorite player is rarely a challenge.

This expert guide analyzes single signed baseballs of the most important players in baseball history from Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter. It will serve the most advanced collectors and dealers as well as provide a basic foundation for the novice collector. This guide includes everything we have gathered about single signed baseballs as the industry’s most reputable memorabilia dealer over the last 50 years.

Every week we will add a new entry until we have all the Hall of Famers and even the “borderline guys” (Hodges, Munson, Mattingly). We will also make updates as we continue learning and new information comes to light.

The best part is that it’s completely free. We are happy to offer our longtime clients and future customers with expert knowledge. If you have ever met one of the Brigandi’s in person, you know that we can talk enthusiastically for hours about autographs and we want to share that nuanced expertise with every collector.

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