Selling at Auction

Brigandi Coins & Collectibles has sold through auction companies around the world for decades and we are proud to offer this specialized service to the public.

Occasionally, extremely high-end collectibles are better off sold at auction. Unfortunately, choosing the right auction house can be a very daunting task. Some have very poor track records, Some promise consignors everything, but come up short when it’s time to deliver, others play hard ball and are impossible to work with, and the large houses have very high consignment fees / buyer's premiums.

As avid auction participants, we have great relationships with the right auction houses. We know which are reputable, safe, pay on time and in full, and we get the best consignment rates in the business. Further, we know certain collectibles sell for more at different venues. Thus, we often piece out items from the same collection to a few different auction houses to realize the most for our clients. This is a completely transparent process; we show you where and when your item is being auctioned and you get to watch it sell for the right price. Don’t let your collection slip into the wrong hands. Ask our opinion first and let us do the work for you.

“Thank you for handling my vintage card collection professionally. It was a relief knowing I could trust someone to get the best price for it. It was exciting watching my collection get bid on and ultimately go higher than I ever thought. I would recommend anyone seeking to sell a collection to meet with John Brigandi; his industry knowledge is first class.”
-Dr. John R., New York City

If you think your item might be right for auction, ask us what we think for free! Our experts can tell you how to get the most value from your collection. Give us a call or stop by our store, (212) 869-5350.

*Remember not all items sell best at auction. After all, buyers and dealers go to auctions for bargain prices. We will tell you everything you need to know to make a prudent decision.

These nearly identical Roger Maris signed photos (PSA) both sold at different auctions
within months of each other. One for $800 and the other for $1,400. Knowing where
and when to sell makes a big difference.


How do consignment fees and buyer's premiums work?

Consignment fee's are typically 10% to 20%, but can be negotiated lower.
Buyer's premiums range anywhere from 10% to 25%, with an average of 20%. This is a fixed rate and non-negotiable.

You purchase an item for $1,000 and you sell it a few years later for the same price to the same auction company. You would think you broke even, but you would actually lose $350.00 or 35%. Here's how the fees work:

  • You win the item for $1,000. Then, pay the buyer's premium of 20%. So you really end up paying $1,200 total.
  • Then, when you resell it for $1,000 you have to pay the consignors fee of 15% ($150).
  • After buying and selling the same item for the same price you actually lost $350.00 or 35%!