Brigandi Coins & Collectibles offers professional custom framing for your photos, jerseys, posters and more. We work directly with you to make sure the item is displayed just right. Depending on the item and your home décor, we can frame items to suit any room. Sometimes it’s best to go with our simple options and let the item speak for itself, but other times you want the frame to make a statement. Give us a call or stop by our store and we can help you with the layout and choose the right frame and matte.

Framing Option 1

Frame: We have a vast selection from low cost compressed wood material to high-end museum quality frames. In every color and design.

Matte: Single or Double or Triple in any color. We also have different materials such as suede and leather.

Nameplates: We can create plaques with custom text to mount alongside the item.

Shadow Boxes: Mount 3-D objects like baseballs into thick frames.



Prices are completely dependent on the size, frame quality and matting choice. We have framed items for as little as $40 and as much as $1,000+.



Framing Option 2

Framing your memorabilia is not only important for displaying and décor, but also for preserving. We use UV protected glass as well as acid-free, clear lining for autographs and sensitive material. It’s also important to note that while we take every possible precaution to protect collectibles, nothing can ever be preserved 100%. Many frame shops make this claim, but the truth is there is never an absolute guarantee. Even professionally handled items in climate controlled rooms at the Smithsonian need to undergo restoration over time.


*Always keep sensitive items and autographs away from direct and indirect light sources, especially sunlight and florescent light. Always store items in temperature and humidity controlled rooms.

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