Brigandi's Consignment Program

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As pioneers in the collectibles industry for over 60 years, our Consignment Program is the perfect resource for those looking to sell high value items. With rates as low as 10%, consignors benefit from using our distinguished reputation and large network of prominent collectors. We handle every aspect of the transaction from professional photos, descriptions, social media marketing, finding buyers, negotiating, and shipping. We promise our consignors a carefree process and impressive returns. Collectors favor our private sale model versus auctions because they can dictate price, avoid excessive fees, and get paid fast!

Dictate Price: Get Full Market Value!
Our private sale model is risk-free and protects the consignor from losing money. The consignor can set their own price which guarantees the item won't sell less than market value. Unlike an auction, there is no risk to the consignor.

Avoid Excessive FeesSimple and Straightforward!
With rates as low as 10%, we are the most competitive in the industry. There are no additional hidden fees or backend buyer premiums. Auctions, however, charge a consignment fee plus a 20% buyer premium fee, leaving the seller with only 70% of the auction price.

Get Paid FastTime is money!
We work fast and can issue payment within a week of the sale. With an auction however, the most frustrating part can be the long delay in payment which usually takes 3-6 months or longer.


Babe Ruth Signed Baseball

• Consignment minimum is $10,000 per item. However, we make exceptions for large collections.
We help appraise consignments by presenting comparable recent sales. We do not accept consignments that are over-priced by the consignor. 
• All consignments are insured and safely secured inside our state-of-the-art double vault.

A Typical Example
A consignor determines that market value for their item is $15,000. Say it's a Ty Cobb signed baseball. With Brigandi's, using a rate of 10%, the consignor would net $13,500. But with an auction, the consignor would only net at most $10,500. Here's how it works:

With Brigandi's: Predictable, Simple, Fast.
The item sells for $15k and we issue payment for $13,500. The consignor nets 90% of market value.

With Auctions: Risky, High Fees, Slow Payment.
Hopefully the item sells for  market value at $15k. Which means the consignor nets only $10,500 due to a 20% buyer premium plus a 10% consignor fee. Finally, after waiting 3-6 months, the consignor only nets 70% of auction price. But auctions are very risky, imagine the item underperforms and only sells for $10k. The consignor would only net $7k on an item worth $15k!

To consign your collectibles today, please contact or call (212)869-5350.