Yogi Berra Signed 1950s Yoo-Hoo Advertisement
Yogi Berra Signed 1950s Yoo-Hoo Advertisement
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Yogi Berra Signed 1950s Yoo-Hoo Advertisement

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Yogi and Yoo-Hoo.  Special Piece of 1950's Memorabilia
This extremely rare cardboard advertisement circa-1957 is a wonderful Yogi keepsake. Few memorabilia collectors and dealers have yet to see one. It was purchased from a prominent collector decades ago and stored away since that time. Only a few of these pastel color cardboard advertising pieces are known to exist and certainly none in this high grade condition.This is indeed the finest example extant, free of any material imperfections whatsoever. More importantly, it bears Yogi Berra’s signature, making it unique.
This Yoo-Hoo advertisement was presented to Yogi Berra for his autograph at his museum in Montclair, N.J. years back. He dutifully signed a large, perfectly legible, large signature across the white surface of his pinstripe uniform. The autograph contrasts beautifully for all to see and enjoy. 
The Yoo-hoo Company was formed in 1920s in New Jersey.In the late-1950s Yogi Berra (1925-2015) became the spokesman for this very popular chocolate milk drink.The company even became an official sponsor of the New York Yankees ; their commercials continually ran during Yankee games on television and radio. All kids drank it, making it perhaps the most popular beverage behind Coca-Cola itself. In fact, it was rumored that Yogi even became a partial owner of the company.
This sign, targeted for potential use in candy stores, supermarkets or sweet shops, somehow survived through the decades and remains in its original condition. Obviously a prescient Yogi Berra fan decided it best to preserve its state and "socked it away" for future generations to enjoy. In 2002, it was presented to Yogi for his autograph. He obliged, a large smile fell across his face when he saw it ( he hadn't seen one himself since the 1950s) , and he affixed his wonderfully large and bold signature to it. The black ink contrasts beautifully across his white uniform. 
It measures 20” x 26” and comes double matted in a wonderful brown shadow box frame measuring 25” x 31". It is one impressive wall presentation : Yogi sitting at his locker on a bench drinking a bottle of the soft drink, a six-pack on the floor next to him and the sign above reading "The Drink of Champions".  It just bleeds of a bygone era when youngsters begged mom to buy this soft drink instead of milk itself. Made fully of cardboard, it even came with its own picture frame surrounding it. All a store owner needed was a nail to hang it. 
Whether you're a Yogi fan or simply a fan of that golden era, you will enjoy this very rare piece of sports memorabilia. A special piece indeed and once sold, lost to the hobby perhaps forever. One of the best pieces of Yogi memorabilia you'll ever encounter.
Accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Berra family.