Watch on The Rhine Original Movie Poster. 1943
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Watch on The Rhine Original Movie Poster. 1943

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In his review of Watch On the Rhine, Bosley Crowther of The New York Times called it "a distinguished film a film full of sense, power and beauty." Offered here is a completely original and highly coveted one-sheet movie poster from this classic motion pictures release in 1943. Based off Lillian Hellmans 1941 play of the same name, director Herman Shumlin masterfully brings Dashiell Hammetts adapted screenplay to the big screen ( the famous Hammett actually lost the Academy Award that year to the writer's of Casablanca,certainly nothing to cause embarrassment).
This Warner Brothers World War II drama was nominated for the Academy Award against some stiff competitors, including For Whom The bell Tolls, Heaven Can Wait and the eventual winner, Casablanca. Bette Davis (1908-1989),perhaps the finest actress in Hollywood history starred in the female lead. Davis currently holds the #2 spot on The American Film Institute's list of Greatest American Female Screen Legends. Peter Lukas, who would go on to win the Academy Award for Best Actor that year, starred alongside Davis and Geraldine Fitzgerald.
This one-sheet poster features wonderful images of both Davis and Lukas and measures 27 x 41. Its vivid colors simply jump off the lighter background, and the poster itself remains in the same Mint condition as the day it was sent off by the studio. In fact, it is offered here with that original mailing envelope. The provenance is especially noteworthy : it was part of the legendary Royal Theatre Collection of Canada, an amazing find of 1930s and 1940s movie posters in original high grade condition containing some of the best titles of the period.We also include the original certificate stating it came from that collection.
Vintage movie posters were normally printed in very limited quantities, often making them difficult to find, especially in such high-grade condition. The posters were not meant to be saved by movie theaters. In fact, after their initial use to promote the movie, theaters were instructed to return them to studios so they could be destroyed. In fact, the front of this original envelope bears this line "Please return to Vitagraph, Inc for credit".
Have this one double-matted and framed and it will be the focal point of any room, or simply store it away in its original packaging. The condition is the finest you will ever find, they simply don't get nicer ! It is that special.