To Catch a Thief Original Movie Poster. 1955. Linen Backed
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To Catch a Thief Original Movie Poster. 1955. Linen Backed

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An opportunity to own one of the classic Hitchcock thrillers of all time, offered is a spectacular one sheet original movie poster, measuring 27"x41", from its 1955 release.One of the most intriguing images we've seen and the first time we have offered this one for sale.
Released by Paramount Pictures and featuring the two biggest stars of the day, Cary Grant as "The Cat" and the beautiful Grace Kelly in her last Hitchcock film (she starred in many).The following year,1956, she would make her last film--High Society--and leave the business forever, becoming the Princess of Monaco in one of the most celebrated weddings of the period.
If you love "old time" movies, this is a must watch.Shot mainly in France,particularly on the breathtaking French Riviera, the plot is a simple one: in order to catch a (jewel) thief you must employ one. That is exactly what the now-retired, former Cat-Cary Grant must do in order to save himself from going to prison. Along the way, you guessed it, he meets the gorgeous, and rich, Grace Kelly, as the two "frolic" on the beautiful French Coast.The scenery is spectacular and the suspense is pure Hitchcock.
As stated previously, the graphics on this poster are extraordinary, as is the Film Noir-like imagery.Further, the dark-blue background color is still sharp and in no way faded, quite atypical of this issue. In sum, the condition is extraordinary, and to that end we had it linen backed by the best company in that business so it will remain preserved for future generations of cinema lovers to enjoy.Hitchcock made so many great films and consequently all of those posters are popular and coveted.