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Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Campaign Broadside Poster - 1912

$ 1,300.00

Presented here for the discerning political collector is a spectacular Theodore Roosevelt broadside campaign poster from 1912 - just one of a few known to exist, and quite possibly the finest specimen extant. It measures 24 x 18 inches and features the two Progressive Party candidates – Teddy Roosevelt and his running mate Hiram Johnson, Governor of California (and later U.S. Senator for almost 30 years). The Progressive Party was known also as the Bull Moose Party, in deference to the famous Roosevelt quote that he "felt like a bull moose" after the party was formed.

It is a wonder how this rare piece of Americana ever survived in this extraordinary condition - after all it's over 100 years old! It remains in mint condition and is free of the typical soiling, browning or foxing, rips and tears, marks or scuffs, and general wear. Its snow-white color still glows like the day it was printed.

Bearing the union-endorsed logos at bottom, it features full length photo-images of the two candidates, as well as the famous quote of Rudyard Kipling. On the right-bottom border it bears the copyright of the Chicago company that produced it, and it is dated 1912. This type of printing and advertising was quite atypical for this time period. We immediately had this historical piece inserted in a complementary walnut frame and placed under archival ultraviolet protected plexiglass . It is simply a stunning piece of historical Presidential campaign memorabilia and guaranteed to impress anyone who sees it hanging on the wall of an office or study.

President Theodore Roosevelt served as our 26th President, taking office in 1901 upon the assassination of President McKinley. At age 42, he was the youngest person in history to hold that office. "TR", as he was known, served from 1901 to 1908, accomplishing many progressive polices such as regulating railroads, breaking up monopolies of the largest companies, pushing forth legislation to protect foods and drugs, establishing the national park service to preserve our natural resources, and regulating workers' hours and wages, especially those of women and children. This is commonly known as the "Progressive Era" in American history.

Exhausted after 8 years in office, Roosevelt decided not to run for another term (there were no term limits at that time), supporting instead his protege, Secretary of War, William Howard Taft, as his successor for the Republican nomination. Taft handily won the general election in 1908, however, the relationship with his mentor-TR slowly became strained and even factious. Roosevelt believed Taft abandoned the progressive policies of the previous eight years, allowing opportunist Republicans to control legislation. As a result, Teddy decided to seek office once again in 1912. To his chagrin, those controlling (conservative) Republicans denied him the nomination and once again endorsed Taft.

And so in 1912 former President Theodore Roosevelt once again ran for the Presidency, but this time as the newly-formed Progressive Party candidate. Taft ran as the Republican and Woodrow Wilson the Democratic. The schism of the Republican party proved devastating and resulted in a Wilson victory, as he captured 42 percent of the popular vote (the combined percentage of Taft and Roosevelt was over 50 percent!)

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