The Three Stooges in Musty Musketeers. 1954. Linen Backed
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The Three Stooges in Musty Musketeers. 1954. Linen Backed

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We all grew up watching this slapstick trio making us laugh. How many hours did each of us spend watching them on Saturday and Sunday mornings ? Since the 1950s at least one of their movies is shown on television daily. Just use your channel "clicker" and you will see.
It's been over a half a century since the last Three Stooges film was released but they remain as popular as ever with audiences, and they continue to delight old fans while attracting new admirers.Particularly in the 1980s, movie critics began giving the Stooges the critical recognition they deserved. From that point on their popularity surged even more as new generations were introduced to their humor. Baby boomer children love the Stooges. Perhaps television legend, Steve Allen, who was the first host of The Tonight Show, said it best : "They achieved exactly what they had always intended to do: they made people laugh."
Offered here is an extremely scarce Musty Musketeer movie poster---one of just a handful known to exist. We certainly have not seen this title before and most other dealers never knew one existed. In general, Stooges posters are elusive and seldom come to market. It seems every movie buff wants to own an original. They are indeed popular and collected by all generations---from baby boomers to millennials.
The plot of this movie, directed by renown Jules White, involves the trio, Moe, Larry and Shemp (Curly had passed away in 1952), as "troubadours" in the fictional 12th century court of Ole King Cole. These offbeat troubadours want to marry their sweethearts but are forbidden from doing so by the king before Princess Alisha marries (only) Prince Gallant. When a mischievous magician, Mergatroyd, abducts Alisha the Stooges must step in and foil the plot. A wonderfully hilarious sword fight at the end steals the show. One of their good, solid comedies.They even sing and serenade their brides to be. "It's a Laugh Riot", as the poster says.
The poster itself is in wonderful condition and because of its importance and rarity, it has been professionally linen backed to preserve its quality for future generations. It measures 27 x 41 and there are no imperfections. The three photo images of the Stooges are sharp as well. In sum, it's a beauty and will look phenomenal on a wall when double matted and framed.
If you love the Stooges this one will fit the bill. It's one few collectors own or have seen, and the condition could not be better.