The Invisible Stripes Original Movie Poster. 1939. Framed
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The Invisible Stripes Original Movie Poster. 1939. Framed

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A very early Bogart poster and one that seldom surfaces in the hobby (our very first). He had just completed his seminal performance in "The Petrified Forest" and was slowly emerging as the most popular star on the Warner Brothers lot.This would be his last true "gangster" role. George Raft already was an established star and this just the second movie for William Holden, who would go on to become one of the great actors of the century.
Pre-1940s movie posters are considered quite rare in the hobby, as few were made for distribution to theaters.Naturally even fewer surviving examples exist today and are usually found in advanced collectors' archives. This one, measuring 14x36 inches, offers a wonderful image of these three mega-stars, along with Jane Bryan (the girl who waiting for George Raft to "go straight", even though he had "invisibles stripes' from his prison sentence following him).It's a typical 1930s illustration and has that special "look" collectors search for in a movie poster. Warner Brothers was known for its frugality and so generally their posters did not offer nice graphics or illustrations. This one, however, has a spectacular image and immediately tells viewers what the plot of the movie will be.
Since it is so graphic and colorful, we decided to have it double-matted and framed professionally. The result is one impressive piece of movie memorabilia that will lighten up any wall in your home or office. If you love early cinema, this is the perfect piece to show off. Bogart movie posters are extremely popular, quite elusive generally.Early ones are simply rare and seldom come to the marketplace. This one is in outstanding condition and free of any material faults whatsoever, including rips, tears, marks or tack holes.