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Sleeping Beauty Original Movie Poster. Linen Backed. 1959

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An opportunity to own one of the most important animation movie posters in the hobby.Just occasionally found in the marketplace, this one is on virtually all collectors' wish lists and makes a perfect gift. Everyone loves Disney ! It measures 27"x41" and is a fully original poster from the first year this special film was sent to movie houses all around the country.
Released in 1959 by Walt Disney Buena Vista Productions at the then-exorbitant cost of 6 million dollars, it took almost ten years to produce. And it was not necessarily well received by critics at the time. Well we now know that "occasionally" critics can be wrong, as this feature became one of the largest box office movies of its kind and is seen by literally millions of persons annually (just ask your daughters and grand daughters how many times they've viewed it on DVRs).
It is scarce indeed, especially so because of its deep rich-blue,non faded background color, as well as its overall near mint condition.This original issue simply is seldom found in this exalted state.To that end, we made sure to have it professionally linen backed by the best company in the business. The result is one gorgeous poster that is now preserved for future generations to enjoy. Yes, it will make a "statement" when framed and placed on that special wall in your home.
Many of these early Disney-release movie posters are extremely expensive (see for example Dumbo, Mickey Mouse and Snow White), however, this one remains still affordable, especially relative to scarcity and condition.