Silent Movie Original Movie Poster. 1976
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Silent Movie Original Movie Poster. 1976

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Silent Movie is a 1976 comedy movie directed by and starring the legendary Mel Brooks. The film is a parody on the silent film genre and the movie is silent with the exception of the music, sound effects and one audible word. Ironically, the only audible word in the movie is spoken by well known mime Marcel Marceau.

The movie was praised by most critics. Roger Ebert gave the movie a four-star review while also stating that he thought the movie equal to Blazing Saddles and superior to Young Frankenstein in comedic ability.

This is an original 27 x 41 1976 one sheet poster. It is in excellent condition and features a fantastic image of Brooks, Marty Feldman and Dom DeLuise.

There are no major rips, tears or defects. This will look great when it is matted and framed.