Sabrina Original Movie Poster. 1965
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Sabrina Original Movie Poster. 1965

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Among the best romantic comedies ever made. It made just a minor splash when released in 1954, but as the decades moved on it's become a true classic. Perhaps it was a result of Humphrey Bogart's resurgent popularity during the late-1960s into the 1970s,or simply the fact that it is a wonderfully written script with very talented actors.Today it is a standard for romantic comedy and has been selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. It was even remade in 1995 and starred Harrison Ford in the Bogart role (sorry Harrison, but the remake is just not the original).

Many stories abound about the "behind the scenes" of the movie. First, Bogie was not director Billy Wilder's first choice to play the lead. It was Cary Grant, who would have been great as well, but declined. That created a bad relationship between actor and director from the outset (Bogie would later apologize). Audrey Hepburn, the female lead in the role of Sabrina--the chauffeur's daughter--was inexperienced and had trouble remembering and delivering her lines properly, which also infuriated the experienced and professional Bogart. Moreover, she and the supporting male actor, William Holden, began a passionate and well publicized affair during the shooting of the movie. All of these factors led to a somewhat contentious and explosive situation on set.

Nonetheless, the movie was successful and generally well received by the public. It also made a good profit at the box office, but it was not until a few decades later that critics began appreciating the storyline itself and the acting roles of these three movie icons. After all, a movie starring Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and William Holden,in historic terms, is a classic.

The storyline is a wonderful one and no doubt that's the main reason it continues to be popular and transcend generations. No need here to explain the rather complicated plot. Suffice it to say it's a good one, full of fun and surprises, and simply "works". The ending brings joy to all viewers.We suggest finding it and giving it a watch. It is what movies are about.

The offered poster is a high grade, problem-free example and measures 27" x 41" inches.Certainly one the the finer examples extant.It's been linen backed to preserve its quality and to protect it for the future. Ready for framing, it just speaks of that golden era of Hollywood.