Rare PT Barnum Signed & Inscribed 1865 Autograph. Auto PSA Image 1
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Rare PT Barnum Signed & Inscribed 1865 Autograph. Auto PSA

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The Greatest Showman!

Offered here is one of only three P.T. Barnum signatures we’ve ever had in our collection – he of course being the founder of Barnum & Bailey’s Circus! But Barnum was not just the greatest showman, he was also a great American businessman and local politician. He is quite popular amongst our high-end entrepreneurial collectors, and certainly scarce having died in 1891.

Inscribed and dated “Bridgeport Conn. May 19, 1865”, this signature hails from Barnum’s start in local politics prior to being a member of the House of Representatives and serving as mayor of Bridgeport from 1875-1876. The autograph was clearly taken from an envelope or letter to A.H. Chappell, a lawyer/politician from Georgia who was pro-slavery. Interestingly enough, the date May 19th 1865 is nearly one month after the end of the American Civil War.

Other than historical figures and early business leaders, it’s not often we have signatures dating back to the 1800’s, and Phineus Taylor Barnum fits both genres perfectly!

Authenticated and slabbed by PSA/DNA