Rare Benjamin Franklin Signed Autograph Display. PSA
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Rare Benjamin Franklin Signed Autograph Display. PSA

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Benjamin Franklin Autograph Display (1706 - 1790) Rare Signature!

Benjamin Franklin is without a doubt the most important American Historical figure to never serve as President. He had a profound impact on Colonial America and the American Revolution, and his contributions to science, civic programs, and diplomacy are still present today!

As a Founding Father and one of the most prominent figures in U.S. history, Franklin is one of the most popular autographs in the entire hobby. Unfortunately for astute collectors, the high demand massively outweighs the limited supply. Throughout our many years in the hobby, we've only had a couple of Benjamin Franklin autographs in our collection. Compared to his contemporaries, he is significantly scarcer than Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hancock, Hamilton etc...

We are proud to present this gorgeous autograph display featuring Franklin's iconic signature in black ink. We absolutely love his elaborate flowing style and classic swooping flare, and we've paired the signature with a classic color image of the legendary statesman! Comes with a Letter of Authenticity from PSA.