Racket Busters Original Movie Poster. 1938. Linen Backed
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Racket Busters Original Movie Poster. 1938. Linen Backed

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Humphrey Bogart stars as a New York crime lord who "encourages" George Brent into working for his company after catching him stealing money to provide for his pregnant wife, played by Gloria Dickson. Things get tough when Brent is recruited by a racket buster lawyer and he tries to stand up to the mob.
This one sheet poster,measuring 27" x 41", offers vibrant colors and a wonderful image of Bogart in one of his last gangster roles. Within two years he would not play a gangster again, but star in hero roles such as Casablanca, Key Largo, To Have and Have Not, as well as the African Queen, for which he won his only Oscar.This is Bogie at his bad-guy best.
We used the best professional in the business to linen back the poster so it will be properly preserved for future generations. It is simply a beauty. The colors just jump out and draw you in for a closer look. Guaranteed to impress anyone that walks into your entertainment room .
Pre-War posters are indeed difficult to locate, as most were destroyed for the War drive (along with so many baseball cards of the day). Warner Brothers, generally known as frugal and not willing to spend money on promotional material, actually used a four-color separation process for this one, which was quite unusual for the company. Their movie posters were generally dull and duo-toned. This one is impressive indeed--and extremely rare.
Bogie at his best in the first part of his great career. The American Film Institute ranks him the number one male actor in its list of America's Greatest Screen Legends( Katherine Hepburn ranks number one for female actresses). Frame this one up and show it off.