Pat & Mike Original Movie Poster. 1952. Linen Backed
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Pat & Mike Original Movie Poster. 1952. Linen Backed

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Katherine Hepburn(1907-2003) and Spencer Tracy(1900-1967) made nine movies together, but this one is our favorite. A romantic comedy, it features Hepburn as an extremely talented female athlete who has trouble winning a contest when her fiance is watching a match. She's a great golfer and tennis player, but somehow cannot come out the victor, and so a rather "shady" sports promoter, Spencer Tracy, is enlisted as her manager and trainer. At first his intentions and tactics are questionable, as mobsters become involved, but in the end they of course fall in love, much to the chagrin of her fiance, as well as Tracy's original star-protege, a jealous boxer played by Aldo Ray.
Hepburn herself was a wonderful female athlete and performed her own athletic feats in the movie.It was filmed almost entirely in the City of Los Angeles, a great deal in fact at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, and at Occidental College, one of the oldest liberal arts colleges in the country(est.1887). The movie is filled with athletes playing themselves, including the great Babe Didrikson Zacharias,Gussie Moran, Betty Marble, Don Budge and even Chuck Connors, who once played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and later became "The Rifleman" on television.
Written by the team of Garson Kanin and wife Ruth Gordon,and directed by the famous George Cukor, it also starred a young Charles Bronson (known then as Charles Buchinsky) and Jim Backus, in addition to Aldo Ray. It was a huge box office success and one of the best performances the Hepburn-Tracy pair did together.
This poster, measuring 27 x 41 inches, features a snow white background, which allows the red, blue and brown tones to "jump off the page" and immediately catch your eye. The artist really did a fine job designing this one. It clearly is one of our favorites and so we had it linen backed by one of the best in the business to preserve it for the future. The result is one very impressive poster that will light up any room.
If you're also sports enthusiast, this movie poster is the perfect fit--in fact, if you have not seen this one,we suggest you go out and rent it . You will see some great footage of the old Los Angeles, as well as one of the great golfing venues in the country. So much tradition and history is here.