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P.T. Barnum Signed, Framed Card - 1866

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P.T.Barnum (1810-1891) was a showman and a business entrepreneur, but also a statesman and politician, a sometime philanthropist and an opponent of slavery in every aspect. This calling card, a note, was given to an " Honorable James C. Hughes " and dated shortly after the Civil War on March, 28, 1866. It is boldly inscribed "Truly Yours, P.T. Barnum". The black fountain pen writing could not possibly be better preserved over the last 150 years. It is perfectly dark and shows no signs of fading whatsoever. 

Barnum is erroneously "credited" with the statement "There's a sucker born every minute", and in fact he did not enter the circus business until the age of 60. He was a promoter and aggressive business entrepreneur yes, but he was also a community leader and reformer, serving the City of Fairfield, Connecticut in the legislature and later becoming the Mayor of Bridgeport. So loved was he that when the United States Mint issued a commemorative silver half dollar in 1936 to celebrate the centennial of that city, his portrait appeared on the obverse of that coin. It is a very popular and collectible U.S.coin today.

We have found the perfect photograph to accompany this rare autographed note. In fact it is strikingly close to the same one used to engrave the U.S. Bridgeport commemorative silver half dollar coin. The photograph and note have been expertly matted and framed to a size of 16" x 20" and are ready to be hung on your favorite office wall.

Barnum played an integral part of our 19th century social and political history, especially relating to residents of the State of Connecticut. A perfect autograph and a keepsake.

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