Moonaker Insert Movie Poster. 1978. Framed
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Moonaker Insert Movie Poster. 1978. Framed

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Moonraker, starring Roger Moore as the legendary spy James Bond, is the eleventh film in the Bond series. In this movie, James Bond is tasked with preventing a plot to erase the worlds population from space.

Moonraker is best known for its high production cost of $34 million, spending almost twice as much as the previous movie The Spy Who Loved Me. The movie was acclaimed for its special effects which earned an Academy Award nomination. It was also the highest grossing film of the series with $210 million worldwide, a record that stood until 1995s Goldeneye.

This is an original 14 x 36 1978 one sheet poster. It is in good condition and features an image from one of the scenes in the movie.

There are no major rips, tears or defects. This poster is displayed in a 18" x 40" black frame.