Monkey Business Original Movie Poster. 1952. Linen Backed
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Monkey Business Original Movie Poster. 1952. Linen Backed

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This screwball comedy has a great resume attached to it. It was directed by the renown Howard Hawks, whose credits include The Big Sleep,Sergeant York and His Girl Friday, among many others.It was written by Ben Hecht, winner of the very first Academy Award for Screenplay (1927). The cast of actors is equally impressive : Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers and Academy Award winner, Charles Coburn.
Although this was Marilyn's 17th feature film it was the very first time she played the role of a naive, dumb blonde, one that would forever change her persona in movies. She of course was an accomplished actress who steadily improved her skills, in fact studying with Lee Strasberg at the Actor's Studio. In this movie she played a sexy office secretary who dates her boss, Cary Grant (that's one good-looking couple ! ). Grant plays the role of an absent minded chemist who produces an elixir for youth .Ginger Rogers plays his wife and a small love triangle begins. But that's only after one of the laboratory chimpanzees gets loose and mixes up chemicals creating a "love potion".
It's a zany comedy and certainly a significant movie role in Monroe's historic film career. It actually took 16 movies before she was typecast in that rather demeaning set of roles, which ironically culminated with such successes as the Seven Year Itch in 1955 and Some Like It Hot in 1959.
You'll love the image of this poster. It is full of brilliant, crisp colors that jump off its snow white background. Naturally, a curvaceous Marilyn is depicted in bathing suit pose, a monkey swings on a rope and Ginger Rogers shoots a slingshot at her ("cheating") husband.The artwork is, in a word, spectacular. Measuring 27 x 41 and professionally linen backed to preserve its condition for the future. In the very best condition, it will make a great display on that favorite wall in your family room or entertainment center.