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Mickey Mantle Original Family Photo. 1951 Rookie, Commerce Oklahoma . Type 1 PSA

$ 3,000.00

Mickey Mantle Original Family Photo.
1951 Rookie - Commerce, Oklahoma
Type 1 PSA


Offered here is a Type I original photo of Mantle at his family home in Commerce, Oklahoma playing cards with his father Elvin and his younger brothers. Of course, one of Mantle’s nicknames throughout his career was the Commerce Comet.  This candid image, taken on December 15, 1951, perfectly captures Mantle’s humble beginnings as just a 20 year old Major Leaguer before becoming one of the greatest players to ever live.

Mantle’s relationship with his father is well documented, as the two were very close. Unfortunately, Elvin Mantle passed away just about five months after this photo was taken. Photos of the father and son together are extremely desirable among Mantle collectors.

As always is the case with Type I photographs, the clarity of the photo itself is perfect and it maintains its sharp corners. Anything from Mantle’s rookie season is highly sought after by the hobby’s most diligent collectors. Issued by Acme Newspictures, the reverse still features its original news caption.

Authenticated and presented in a PSA/DNA “Jumbo Slab”

A Type 1 photo is a first generation photograph, developed from the original negative during the period. They are the most desirable and valuable of the four photograph types because of their clarity, vintage, and originality.

In a world where cards and autographs have dominated the hobby, vintage photography is an emerging genre of sports collecting that will continue to rise. These original photographs are extremely scarce with only a handful known – in many cases one of a kind! Serious collectors consider them true artifacts, as opposed to cards and other memorabilia that were mass produced for commercial sale and advertising.

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