Marilyn Monroe Life Magazine Original Advertising Poster, 1952
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Marilyn Monroe Life Magazine Original Advertising Poster, 1952

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An actress, model, and singer who symbolized American beauty and sexuality, Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) continues to inspire and empower young women around the world. Offered is an extremely rare, fully original, point of purchase poster featuring the cover of Life Magazines April 7,1952 issue. These posters were sent to select newspaper stands to announce the sale of this important magazine issue. It was also Marilyn's first appearance on the cover of Life.

By 1952, Monroe was the"Talk of Hollywood", dating such notables as Yankee legend Joe DiMaggio, one of the most celebrated and famous personalities in the world of sports (whom she would later marry) and was set to star in 20th Century Foxs Dont Bother to Knock. But perhaps the more controversial news at this time surrounding Monroe was a story that she had posed nude years before in photographs that were later used for men's calendars. The studio had to get ahead of the story before it was too late.

What to do ? Perhaps it was a brilliant public relations scheme,or simply dumb luck, but when Monroe gave an interview that she posed for those photos only for badly needed living expenses and to "pay the rent", her popularity soared even more. It was indeed a public relations coup and immediately led to a Life Magazine feature story with long interview that ranged from her astronomical sign (Gemini..."that stands for intellect") to the type of clothing she prefered ("I dress for men").The public response was overwhelming and she was now cemented in the forefront of American cinema.

This advertising piece, featured only at select newsstands to promote this edition of the magazine, remains one of Lifes highest selling issues of all-time. The cover-photo, featuring a sultry-seductive Monroe in a loose dress, was shot by the famous Phillipe Halsman, one of Life Magazine's most prolific photographers and responsible for a record 101 Life covers. It was Monroe's first cover for the magazine, but certainly would not be her last. We especially love the juxtaposition of stories : upon close review you will notice the announcement in the upper right corner of a story about flying saucers, a controversial topic at the time. Those readers who were bored with Marilyn could focus on the story,"There is a Case of Interplanetary Saucers".

The poster is in excellent condition, with a sharply focused photo of the movie queen. Its surface and gloss is clean and bright with no fading of the red borders, which is commonly found with similar posters of the kind.It measures 27"x 34.5" and has been professionally linen backed to preserve its condition and integrity for the future. We then had it beautifully framed and placed under ultraviolet protected plexiglass. The result is one simply provocative, eye-catching piece of pop art that is guaranteed to "stop" every person in their tracks upon entering the room.

Considered one of the 'Holy Grails' of the pop art poster collecting community and tailor-made for "the person who has everything".

Accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity from Brigandi Coins & Collectibles of New York, a leader in collectibles since 1959.