Kobe Bryant Signed Official Spalding Basketball, PSA
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Kobe Bryant Signed Official Spalding Basketball, PSA

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5x NBA Champion
2x Finals MVP
2008 NBA MVP

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest NBA players of all-time, and was without a doubt the greatest player of his generation. Ask any of today’s NBA players who their favorite player was growing up, and a majority would say 'The Black Mamba'. Of all the fame and glamour that Hollywood has to offer, in the last twenty years there was no brighter star than Kobe Brant. In fact, even Magic Johnson claimed that Kobe was the greatest Laker of all-time – high praise considering all the legends and Hall Famers to don the Purple and Gold, including Magic himself.

Kobe's tragic and untimely passing shocked the world, but also reminded us of how great he truly was on and off the court. In Kobe’s eyes, his biggest impact was as a father to his four daughters, and a mentor to future generations.

Offered here is an exclusive Kobe Bryant signed full size Official Spalding basketball. Signed in the early part of Kobe's illustrious career (c.2000), it boasts his rookie era autograph style. Also, he generally signed with his first name only to save time as he was inundated with autograph requests. Therefore, full name autos like this should be considered a premium.

Authenticated by PSA.