Knutzy Knights Original Movie Poster. 1954. Linen Backed
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Knutzy Knights Original Movie Poster. 1954. Linen Backed

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Offered here is an extremely scarce original one-sheet movie poster from the 1954 release of The Three Stooges "Knutzy Knights", one of just a handful known to exist. Three Stooges posters are elusive and seldom come to market. They are indeed popular and collected by all generations, from baby boomers to millennials. Measuring 27x41, this is the perfect item for anyone interested in 20th Century American Entertainment.
It's been more than a half a century since the last Three Stooges film was released, but they remain as popular as ever and continue to delight old fans, while attracting new admirers. In the 1980's, movie critics began giving the Stooges the critical recognition they deserved, and from that point on, their popularity surged even more as new generations were introduced to their humor. Steve Allen, the first host of The Tonight Show, said of The Stooges, "They achieved exactly what they had always intended to do: they made people laugh."
Moe, Larry, and Shemp star in this 156th short subject featuring the slapstick comedy team. The film sees the Stooges as troubadours, sent to cheer up a brokenhearted Princess (Christine McIntyre).
It seems as if every movie buff wants to own an original Three Stooges poster. This poster is fully original and certainly not a reprint of any sort. It has been professionally linen backed to preserve its high grade condition and protect it for future generations. Have this one double matted and framed and it will be the focal point of any room.
If you love the Stooges, this one will fit the bill. Not many were printed and fewer have survived over the years. These were "ephemeral" and not meant to for a long "shelf life." It's one few collectors own or have seen, and the condition could not be better.