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Jefferson Davis Signed and Inscribed Page. Canada, July 1868. PSA Authentic

$ 1,500.00

Jefferson Davis Signed and Inscribed Page

"I have the honor to be very truly yours"

Lennoxville, Canada

July 15th, 1868

5 in x 3.5 in

Jefferson Davis (1808-1889) enjoyed quite a distinguished civil service career prior to becoming President of the Confederacy (1862-1865). After attending Transylvania University in Kentucky and the Military Academy at West Point, he was elected to the House of Representatives from Mississippi. He then served as Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce (1853-1857).Thereafter he was elected a U.S. Senator before serving the Confederacy.

In May, 1865, Davis was imprisoned and indicted for treason, while his family fled to Canada. After two years he was released on a 100,000.00 bond---posted by prominent citizens, which included Cornelius Vanderbilt and Horace Greeley. Eventually charges were dropped and an amnesty issued by President Andrew Johnson. He searched for work in Europe, but eventually settled in his homeland South, first serving as a president of an insurance company. He was offered the presidency of what would later become the Texas A&M University, but turned it down, and was even elected to the U.S. Senate again. Federal law, under the Fourteenth Amendment, however, barred him from serving.

He passed away in 1889 and his funeral was among the largest the South had ever seen. His body is now interred in the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, the capital city of the Confederacy.

Offered here is his beautifully penned autographed note, perfectly legible and measuring 3-inches in length. It's scarce and extremely popular among collectors. We have been searching for one of these for sometime now, but unable to locate a nice, unsoiled and presentable example. This is just that and perfect in every respect. We were fortunate to be offered a wonderful 19th century steel engraving to accompany it and have placed both of these items into an elegant gold frame using ultraviolet protected plexiglass frame. It makes one exquisite display piece. Overall measurements 12 x 17 inches.

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