Jaws II Original Movie Poster. 1978
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Jaws II Original Movie Poster. 1978

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Jaws 2 was the sequel to the highly successful 1975 Jaws movie. This movie stars Roy Schieder as the Police Chief Martin Brody who must deal with yet another great white shark terrorizing Amity Island.

At the time of release, Jaws 2 became the highest grossing sequel in history. The movie has grossed approximately $208 million making it one of the all time greatest box office hits. Its tag line Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water is also one of the most famous in film history.

This is a fully original 1978 one sheet poster that features artwork from Lou Feck. The poster depicts the great white shark about to attack a female water skier. On the poster is also the famous tag line used to promote the movie.

This poster is in excellent condition and it has been linen backed to 30 x 44 in order to preserve the condition. This poster will look great when framed and matted.