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George Washington Autograph, Signed Presidential Free Frank circa 1790. PSA

$ 6,500.00

George Washington Autograph
Signed Presidential Free Frank circa 1790

Though it's been 230 years since the original Commander-In-Chief put quill to paper, his remarkable signature has withstood the test of time. The ink remains bold, clear and visible throughout, especially on Washington's important signature, “President U.S.”

A Free Frank is a courtesy afforded to U.S. Presidents, and by simply signing their name on a piece of mail, the President is permitted free postage. In this instance as the Nation's First President, George Washington was required by law to sign his name as, "President US" an interesting and important honor!!

Additionally, this Free Frank was sent to "The Reverend Jedediah Morse" of Boston known as the “Father of American Geography”. But what's more interesting is that he's famously known as an Illuminati conspirator!! It's also well-documented that George Washington and Rev. Morse were very close friends, thus conspiracy theorists believe they were bound by their Illuminati brotherhood! Who knows what was enclosed within his envelope, perhaps clues to the Holy Grail!

Regardless of the contents, we are struck by the overwhelming feeling of holding something that was in the hands of the first President of our great nation.

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