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Roberto Clemente Baseball. PSA

$ 25,000.00


Exceptionally High Grade Roberto Clemente Single Signed Baseball. Auto PSA 8


Newly purchased and fresh to the hobby, it's the first PSA/DNA graded Near Mint/Mint "8" autographed baseball we've owned. Over the years we've bought and sold a few Clemente singles, but due to the nature of his flamboyant and stylish signature none could receive such a high rating from Psa. His autograph generally skips in certain places. That is even more prevalent when it comes to baseballs, which of course are round by nature.


We have owned a few Clemente mint-graded autographs on flat items, such as baseball cards and photos, even 3x5 cards. They're difficult, but some do exist - never on baseballs, however. The flowing nature of his beautiful autograph simply does not allow for the initial and consistent pressure required to achieve a mint rating. Add attrition and fading over the years to the equation (that would be a minimum 48 years since his passing) and the possibility becomes infinitely more difficult.


Keep in mind that PSA is very conservative in their grading standards. Every letter of an autograph must be perfectly full and dark. Clemente passed away long before there were "sit downs" for him to sign. The autographs on balls that exist generally are a result of impromptu encounters or other fortuitous circumstances. Although an accommodating signer for fans around the ballpark, his autograph remains scarce. The demand simply outstretches the supply. He is beloved by baseball fans and collectors, and his popularity in the hobby cannot be overstated. We constantly receive calls for anything he has autographed. Single signed baseballs, in any condition, are rare. 


This Terrific Baseball

Fully in Mint condition and retaining its original bright-white color, this unofficial baseball has been boldly signed on a panel by the great Clemente. As previously noted, PSA/DNA has graded this long, beautiful signature in blue ballpoint ink a bit conservatively, Near Mint to Mint "8". We often speak of "eye appeal" or "it has that look" when we describe a special piece of autographed memorabilia. This one has just that--that special appearance that strikes you at first glance. And so we "bargained-back-and-forth" with the owner and eventually paid what we needed to obtain it.


We can categorically say that it is the finest Clemente single we have owned - knowing our obsession for quality that should speak volumes. That is our specialty: locating only the finest items available in the marketplace. We constantly "pass" on marginal pieces offered to us. That approach has served us well over the years (just ask our longtime clients). You will never go wrong when buying high grade items!


As years pass, fewer and fewer quality items surface in the marketplace. 


Clemente ranks in our "Top 6" list of the most sought after baseball collectibles (along with Ruth and Gehrig, Cobb, Jackie and Koufax). Quality Clemente items will always be in demand. For the collector who demands the very best.

Comes with the all-important PSA/DNA graded letter of authenticity

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