Dazzy Vance Signed Vintage 1930s Autograph Display. JSA
Dazzy Vance Signed Vintage 1930s Autograph Display. JSA
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Dazzy Vance Signed Vintage 1930s Autograph Display. JSA

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Contained in one of the many collections we purchased, this rare page was part of a 1930’s autograph album filled with important entertainment figures and sports stars. We removed it, placed it in archival Mylar for preservation and framed it with an appropriate photograph of this Hall of Fame pitcher. Dazzy Vance autographs are not easily located, especially nice, clean examples from his playing days, such as the one presented here.
Vance (1891-1961) was perhaps the most prolific pitcher of the 1920’s. Pitching for the lowly Brooklyn Dodgers, he led the league in strikeouts seven straight years (1922-1928), won the 1925 Most Valuable Player Award (for which the league honored him with 1,000 dollars in gold coins), bested the league in earned run average three times, wins twice, and even pitched a no-hitter in 1925. Accumulating 197 career wines, he was elected to Cooperstown in the earlier years, 1955 to be exact, when entry was extremely difficult (so many great players were turned away before the decade of the 1970’s, and first-ballot selections did not occur very often) .
Arthur “Dazzy” Vance earned his nickname as a youngster for the dazzling fastball he could throw. One Brooklyn Dodger teammate said he hurled so hard that “he could throw a cream puff through a battleship” (hence his long streak as strikeout leader). He was a big man, standing well in excess of six foot and weighing well over 200 pounds. It was the lively ball era, which makes his accomplishments all the more impressive.
We’ve created a nice arrangement for this exceptionally large, bold pencil autograph( 3 ½ inches in length) that flows beautifully and is atypical of his later shakier versions. We inserted it into a piece of archival Mylar for conservation, used ultraviolet protected Plexiglas for further protection, paired it with the nice black and white photo, and placed both elements into a sharp silver frame. It looks simply great and will impress anyone who sees it, but especially someone who loves baseball history. We handle only significant, quality items and this one certainly falls into that category.
Accompanied by the all-important Letter of Authenticity from the JSA Company, the hobby’s leading third party authenticator.