Alfred Hitchock's, The Birds Original Movie Poster. 1963. Framed
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Alfred Hitchock's, The Birds Original Movie Poster. 1963. Framed

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Among the scariest movies ever produced and ranked the seventh greatest thriller of all time by the American Film Institute (naturally,Hitchcock's Psycho ranks first). Hitchcock was at his directorial finest with this bracing story which takes place in the small California coastal town of Bodega Bay.

Tippi Hedren makes her film debut as the socialite who innocently buys a pair of lovebirds as a gift, thus setting off a series of events culminating in swarms of birds attacking the community.This 1963 movie also stars the wonderful Jessica Tandy, Rod Taylor and Suzanne Pleshette. Through the years this film has become a cult classic, as viewers have come to appreciate Hitchcock's masterful style of turning beautiful birds of nature into villains that terrorize a bucolic community.

This fully orginal one sheet movie poster of The Birds features a women being attacked by a bird alongside the image of Hitchock himself.

This poster can be considered to be in a virtually mint condition. It has been professionally linen backed to 30 x 44 in order to preserve its condition.