Affair in Trinidad Original Movie Poster. 1952. Linen Backed
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Affair in Trinidad Original Movie Poster. 1952. Linen Backed

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Offered is Rita Hayworth's film noir follow-up to her successful Gilda movie performance. This expertly linen backed poster, measuring 27"x41", is in superb condition, appearing like the day it was sent to one of the movie theaters back in 1952. As in Gilda,the sultry Hayworth is draped in sexy dress,delivering a famous quote from the movie to her co-star, "You weren't the first...and won't be the last ! ".
Reunited with Glenn Ford once again in this thriller and set this time in Trinidad, the jaw-dropping Hayworth returns to the screen after a four year absence and picks up where she left off. In fact, this movie actually made one million dollars more at the box office than the Academy Award winning Gilda.She even produced the film herself and used renown Vincent Sherman to direct it.
The image itself clearly sets the tone of the movie, immediately telling the viewer what to expect. Murder, love, sex and suspense follow. This is Film Noir at its best. The are few images as striking as this one.An original Gilda one sheet poster is extremely expensive and sought by all serious collectors.This one is the reasonable alternative, offering that same sensual Hayworth image that movie enthusiasts have come to love.Guaranteed to stop anyone in their tracks as they enter the room where it ultimately resides.