Action in the North Atlantic Original Movie Poster. 1943. Linen Backed
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Action in the North Atlantic Original Movie Poster. 1943. Linen Backed

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A rare opportunity to add an important piece to your American entertainment collection,offered here is an original one-sheet movie poster from the Warner Bros. 1943 release of Action in the North Atlantic. Following the success of the Maltese Falcon and Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart starred in this World War II epic as Lieutenant Joe Rossi. His profile, along with the films title and an image of co-star Julie Bishop, are colorized in a vibrant scarlet-red color that instantly catches your eye.
Measuring 27 x 41, this one-sheet is in near mint condition and has been professionally linen-backed to preserve its exceptional condition and integrity for future generations to enjoy. It is shipped rolled in a special movie poster container.
Bogart, the greatest American Screen Legend according to The American Film Institute, stars alongside Raymond Massey and Alan Hale as United States Merchant Marine sailors who survive an attack by German U-Boats in the North Atlantic during World War II. Ruth Gordon also played a supporting role, and even a young Robert Mitchum had a "one-liner". It was directed by legends Lloyd Bacon and Raoul Walsh.
The film was well received during this wartime period and was even sent to various Merchant Marine training schools to use for instructional purposes.It also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Writing of an original story. Bogart, of course, received acclaim for his performance.
Movie posters were sent by studios to local theaters, free of charge, and were used for display purposes while the movie was featured. Once the movie ran its course (just weeks perhaps) the posters were either discarded or returned to the studio to be destroyed. In essence, they were ephemeral. They had a short "shelf life" and therefore made of the thinnest and least durable paper. Hence,merely a handful survive today in various conditions.This one miraculously survived and it's a beauty. Bogart movie posters are extremely popular and sought after by all Hollywood memorabilia collectors. Hence, the supply is limited and as each one is sold the market simply shrinks further. They are that important.