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Abraham Lincoln Handwritten & Signed Civil War Letter

$ 45,000.00

An incredible letter handwritten and signed by Abraham Lincoln as President on Official Executive Mansion Stationary

The content of the letter perfectly highlights Lincoln’s sharp legal acumen. Dated at the beginning of the Civil War, he warns an arms dealer that the United States Government will not be a victim of war profiteering/fraud, and changes to the cost of guns will not be tolerated

“I expected that when the price of a gun was fixed, it would stand”

The letter serves as the perfect example of Lincoln’s leadership during the most tumultuous time in United States history

Please see the entire transcript below...

''It is said that in the case of the contract of S. Dingle & Co., in relation to arms, a dispute has arisen as to the proper construction of a clause in an order signed by me, which clause is in these words 'and that all not conforming thereto' (the contract) 'be appraised by the Ordinance officer at New York, and received at such place as he may determine.' This order was prepared with reference to a definite number of Arms expected to be delivered within a definite time, and not in reference to an indefinite number to be delivered in an indefinite time. I certainly did not expect that, under the clause in question, a lot of guns would be appraised at one price at one time, and another lot, of precisely the same quality, appraised at different prices at another time - I expected that when, under the clause, the price of a particular quality of gun was fixed, it would stand throughout the transaction, neither going down nor up - I still think this is the just construction. A. Lincoln''

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