1957 Eddie Mathews Original Type 1 Photo, World Series. PSA
1957 Eddie Mathews Original Type 1 Photo, World Series. PSA
1957 Eddie Mathews Original Type 1 Photo, World Series. PSA
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1957 Eddie Mathews Original Type 1 Photo, World Series. PSA

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1957 Eddie Mathews Original Type 1 Photo
1957 World Series
International News Photos

PSA "Jumbo Slab"

Outstanding Condition
7" x 9"


In the 1950s, New York City teams dominated Major League Baseball, with the Yankees Giants, and Dodgers winning every World Series of the decade except for one. The outlier of course, the 1957 Milwaukee Braves led by Hall of Fame sluggers Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron. Offered here is a rare Type I Original Photograph of Eddie Mathews from that iconic Fall Classic in which the Braves won in seven games.

With the Type I Photo market at an all time high, photos of Hall of Famers in iconic series are highly sought after by the hobby’s most astute collectors.

The condition of this particular example is flawless, and the contrast between the black background and Matthews is unparalleled. As always is the case with Type I photographs, the clarity of the photo itself is perfect - a pensive Matthews gripping his bat as he stares right through the camera lens. While the image is simple, there is an underlying intensity to Matthews’ level of concentration. After all, he and the Braves were facing Mickey Mantle and the defending champion New York Yankees that had won seven of the last ten World Series.   

The 7” x 9” International News Photo from that World Series was issued in the offseason on February 11th 1958, indicated by the reference stamp on the reverse. Also presented on the back is the original caption describing Matthews’ 10th inning home run of the fifth game.

Authenticated and presented in a PSA/DNA “Jumbo Slab”

A Type 1 photo is a first generation photograph, developed from the original negative during the period. They are the most desirable and valuable of the four photograph types because of their clarity, vintage, and originality.

In a world where cards and autographs have dominated the hobby, vintage photography is an emerging genre of sports collecting that will continue to rise. These original photographs are extremely scarce with only a handful known – in many cases one of a kind! Serious collectors consider them true artifacts, as opposed to cards and other memorabilia that were mass produced for commercial sale and advertising.