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1956 Frank Robinson Rookie Year Original Type 1, International News Photo. PSA

$ 2,500.00

1956 Frank Robinson Rookie Year Original Type 1 Photo
1956 Rookie of the Year
International News Photo

PSA "Jumbo Slab"

Outstanding Condition
7" x 9"


With the Type I Photo market at an all time high, the genre’s most astute collectors seek rookie era photos of the game’s biggest stars and Hall of Famers such as this. Offered here is a rare Type I Original Photograph of Frank Robinson from his 1956 Rookie of the Year season.

The rare International News Photo measures 7” x 9” and features Robinson posing in the 1956 Cincinnati Reds “mascot” uniform that the team only wore in 1956.  

The condition is absolutely flawless, and as is always the case with Type I photographs, the clarity is absolutely unmatched. The 7” x 9” photo features Robinson posing in his rookie road uniform with the “mascot” uniform only worn in 1956.

The reverse features pencil catalogue writing typical of the period and of course, the International News Photo stamp. Additionally, a bold red stamp in capital block letters with the word SPORT indicates the image was likely used in an issue of Sport Magazine.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1982, Frank Robinson is the only player in Major League history to be named Most Valuable player in both American and National Leagues (1961 Cincinnati Reds, 1966 Baltimore Orioles).

 A Type 1 photo is a first generation photograph, developed from the original negative during the period. They are the most desirable and valuable of the four photograph types because of their clarity, vintage, and originality.

In a world where cards and autographs have dominated the hobby, vintage photography is an emerging genre of sports collecting that will continue to rise. These original photographs are extremely scarce with only a handful known – in many cases one of a kind! Serious collectors consider them true artifacts, as opposed to cards and other memorabilia that were mass produced for commercial sale and advertising.

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