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1950s Lehigh University Engineers Football Pillow, Rare

$ 595.00

Lehigh University Engineers Banner Pillow
circa 1950's

Prior to being named the Mountain Hawks, the Lehigh University mascot was the Engineers, as portrayed comically by this pillow's cartoon engineers and lightning bolts!
The condition is absolutely flawless - no tears, rips, repairs, etc.
This pennant was made by the Chicago Pennant Company, which existed from 1910 until the 1970s. This banner/pillow can be dated more specifically to 1950s-1960s because of the well known comedic cartoon mascot style. 
The Chicago Pennant Company made many types of souvenir novelty products, but were mainly known for their high quality felt banners, pennant and pillows. By the 1940's they continued the use of flocked lettering and graphics while others used a single thin layer of felt with a printed logo. It was more labor intensive and expensive, but more resistant to cracking and more aesthetically pleasing. They also continued a line of retro style mascot pennants when others moved to cheaper logos and text. Chicago Pennant Company products were always a premium product and the quality has stood the test of time... their felt novelties are still in high demand.

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