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1911 Christy Mathewson T3 Turkey Red #27. PSA EX - MT 6. Top Pop PSA Registry

$ 35,000.00

1911 Christy Mathewson T3 Turkey Red #27
Top Pop! PSA Registry!


Population 4, none higher!! (Less than 1% of all Turkey Reds grade PSA 6)

A rare chance to own one of the hobby’s true gems - the highest graded Christy Mathewson Turkey Red Cabinet! Produced in 1911, Turkey Reds have always been in high demand for two primary reasons; rarity and beauty! First, these over-sized cabinets were not inserted in tobacco packs like their t206 counterparts. Instead they were redemption premiums, obtained by mailing tobacco coupons back to the manufacturer. Upon earning 25 coupons, the collector could choose their favorite ball player (ordered by number only, 1-75). From the beginning, these premiums were tough to acquire and today they are nearly impossible to locate in high grade like this!!

With the supply extremely low, the demand for high grade specimens is very strong due to the overall beauty and size – essentially it is a piece of art! The “Big Six” is gracefully posed in set in front of the lime green grass and charming powder blue sky backdrop. Created from the iconic Charles Conlon photo “Hands at Chest,” Matty is perfectly presented in crystal clear, flawless resolution and of course without any defects of print registration. The checklist on the reverse is also boldly printed without flaws against a clean off-white background. The cabinet itself shows very minor wear to the corners and edges, and should be considered a “strong 6”and deserving of PSA review for an upgrade.

As dealers of rare cards and memorabilia, we get to see rarities everyday, but this Mathewson Turkey Red is special!! It even amazes us how a 100-year old item can retain its original luster and remain in a state of such preservation.

Simply put, this is as good as it gets and a ‘must own’ for every collector!



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