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1910-1911 Miller Huggins Original Type 1 Photo, Paul Thompson T205 T202, PSA

$ 2,000.00

1910-1911 Miller Huggins Original Type 1, Paul Thompson Photograph
Image used for T205 & T202 Tobacco Cards
PSA "Slab" and Letter of Authenticity
Photo File Archive Collection

Outstanding Condition
5" x 7"


With the Type I Photo market at an all time high, perhaps no such items are as popular as those original images used for vintage baseball cards. In that vein we are proud to offer the Type I Original Paul Thompson portrait featuring Hall of Famer Miller Huggins. This is the same image used for Huggins’ T205 and T202 Tobacco Cards.


The condition of the photo is flawless (sharp corners and edges), with just slight evidence of its age – after all, it is over 100 years old! Of course, as is always the case with Type I photographs, the clarity on this particular 5” x 7” portrait is absolutely perfect, with Huggins’ eyes just piercing through the lens.


While the PSA holder and letter of authenticity indicate the photo is circa 1910’s, we are able to accurately date the piece to 1910-1911. As previously mentioned this image was used for Huggin’s T205 and T202 Hassan Triple Folder Tobacco Cards, which were issued in 1911 and 1912 respectively. In fact, accompanied with the photo is a Miller J. Huggins T205 Gold Border Tobacco Card (sovereign back), PSA VG 3!


Here Huggins is photographed as second baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals before becoming the team’s manager from 1913-1917. Of course, he made a name for himself as manager of the Murderers' Row New York Yankee teams of the 1920s that won six American League pennants and three World Series Championships.


Due to cataloguing purposes, the reverse is inscribed in pencil “Huggins – Yankees Manager. However, it is evident that it once read “Huggins - St. Louis Nat.” (National League), but theses markings were erased and updated by the studio as Huggins’ career progressed. That studio of course of esteemed photographer Paul Thomson, perhaps the most important pre-war era baseball photographer, famous for his portraits used for 1910’s tobacco cards such as this. His studios copyright stamp is located at the bottom of the reverse for further evidence of its originality.


A Type 1 photo is a first generation photograph, developed from the original negative during the period. They are the most desirable and valuable of the four photograph types because of their clarity, vintage, and originality.


In a world where cards and autographs have dominated the hobby, vintage photography is an emerging genre of sports collecting that will continue to rise. These original photographs are extremely scarce with only a handful known – in many cases one of a kind! Serious collectors consider them true artifacts, as opposed to cards and other memorabilia that were mass produced for commercial sale and advertising.

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