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1909 T206 Sherry Magie Error, Magee. Piedmont Cigarettes, SGC VG 3

$ 25,000.00

1909 T206 Sherry Magie Error, Magee 
Piedmont Cigarettes


Aside the infamous Honus Wagner and the elusive Eddie Plank, no other card from the iconic T206 set is as rare as the 1909 Sherry Magie Error (Magee) Card!

The Philadelphia Phillies left fielder spelled his name Sherry MAGEE. However, when these cards were printed for Piedmont Cigarettes in 1909, Magee’s name was initially spelled incorrectly as “Magie”. The error was quickly fixed, with the corrected version printed in much higher abundance than the error card. Nevertheless, some of the cards printed with the incorrect name were put out into circulation. Of course, serious card collectors seek the Magie Error, as this particular card is much scarcer and a must if you want to truly complete the T206 set.

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