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1896 William McKinley and Garret Hobart Campaign Ribbon

$ 975.00

In 1893 the United States faced a serious economic depression, one that would last well into 1896. The American economy would become the primary issue of the 1896 presidential election between William McKinley & William Jennings Bryan. 

McKinley, a Republican from Ohio was for the traditional gold standard while Bryan and the Democrats were for “Free Silver”, an economy where both gold and silver would be used as currency. McKinley, alongside running mate Garrett Hobart, would go on to win the election to become the 25th President of the United States.

This original 1896 campaign ribbon measures 9” x 2 ½“and features a gorgeous celluloid hanger and original brass tassels, which are completely intact. Affixed to its center, below two fringed American flags is a 1 3/4“ celluloid jugate pin featuring McKinley and Hobart. The pin is free of cracking and foxing, both of which are commonly found with pins of this age. Manufactured by Whitehead & Hoag, this ribbon was worn by Republican supporters in Tottenville, Staten Island, while McKinley & Hobart campaigned in New York.

Political memorabilia collectors prize vintage ribbons like this for their historical significance and of course rarity. This ribbon is in near condition and was obviously stored away safely for the past 100-plus years by a fastidious person who clearly understood its importance.

This ribbon comes with its original Whitehead & Hoag tag and official patent date on the back and is housed in a special see-through protective display case for easy viewing.

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