United States Clad Half Dollars (40% Silver)
United States Clad Half Dollars (40% Silver)
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United States Clad Half Dollars (40% Silver)

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From 1966-1969 U.S. half dollars (JFK) were composed of 40% silver. These coins are termed “Clad” because of the unusual metal composition: 40% silver, 60% copper. After the U.S. left the silver standard, the price of silver has increased dramatically (1964= 1.293/oz.). Therefore, at today’s silver price, these coins have significantly increased more than face value. 40% Clad Half Dollars are traded as individual coins and bags as large as $1,000 face value, (295 pure ounces).


Full Bag Specifications:

Silver Purity:  40%

Pure Silver Weight: 295 Troy Ounces (pure)


40% Half Dollars (John F. Kennedy 1965-1969):

Pure Silver Weight: .1479 Troy Ounces (4.59 grams) each


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