United States Platinum Eagle
United States Platinum Eagle
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United States Platinum Eagle

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The American Platinum Proof Eagle is the official platinum bullion coin of the United States. It is legal tender manufactured and guaranteed by the US Government. This Gem Proof coin contains a full troy ounce of platinum and is 99.95% pure. The difference between the Uncirculated and the Proof is the striking. Proof coins are struck at least twice with a special treated die to make a bright mirror-like finish on the surfaces of the coin. Further, the Proof Platinum Eagle comes with a certificate of authenticity and a custom box issued by the US Mint.  Eagles and Maple Leafs are the most popular platinum coins for bullion investors.



Platinum Purity:  99.95%

Platinum Weight: 1 Troy Ounce (31.103 g)

Diameter: 32.7 mm

Thickness: 2.39 mm

Face Value: $100

Denominations: 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz


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